Mr and Mrs Vanden Tarmac Driveway

Case Study

Tarmac Driveway, Cardiff
29th September 2021

Our customer in Cardiff wanted to have a low maintenance tarmac driveway with ample room for parking which was both practical and attractive.

The area was widened and levelled in preparation for the installation of 250 square metres of tarmac driveway. 60 tonnes of hard stone were supplied and levelled before compacting with all depressions infilled with a granular sub base, 20mm down to dust. The area was then rolled with a road roller with additional granular sub base added where needed.

The first base layer, with the larger grade of aggregate was then applied and spread out and levelled by hand before the roller further compacted the base layer, only stopping when it no longer left marks on the base layer surface.

The top coat, or the wearing coat was then applied. The top coat, consists of a smaller grain of aggregate which produces a finer, more attractive and hard wearing surface. The layers were applied to a total thickness of approximately 80mm.

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